Edimakor AI Subtitle Translator feature can automatically translate videos, audio and subtitles. It supports multiple languages and provides a variety of subtitle styles.

Part 1. Import Video to Edimakor

To begin translating subtitles, you first need to import your video into Edimakor. Open Edimakor on your computer. Click on "Translate Subtitles" or "Create a Video."

hitpaw edimakor subtitle translator interface

In the video editing interface, import your video by selecting it from your computer. You can also drag and drop the video into the timeline.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator -  import video

Part 2. Translate Subtitles

Next, go to the 'Subtitles' option on the main menu bar. In the 'Auto Subtitles' section, locate Translate Subtitles. The default setting is None.

Scroll down and select the language you want to translate to. Click on the 'Auto Subtitling' button for Edimakor to recognize and translate the subtitles.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - auto subtitling
Supported Languages:

English, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Thai, Polish, Greek, Indonesian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Swedish, Serbian, Latvian, Finnish.

The subtitles will be translated into the selected language, and two subtitle tracks will appear in the timeline — one for the original language and the other for the translated language.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator

Part 3. Customize Translated Subtitles

After translation, you might want to customize the subtitles to ensure they are accurate and well-organized. Go to the right panel.

1. Edit Subtitles and Voiceover

In the Subtitles section, select one language, go through each subtitle to verify accuracy and make manual adjustments if needed. You can edit, merge and delete words easily.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - edit subtitles

If you want to translate the captions to another language, click the Translate button here. To convert the translated subtitles to speech, enable Speaker and choose the voiceover you like. Then click on Start Translate.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - translate subtitles

Here you can always adjust the translated subtitles and speech. For example, regenerating sentences, changing another voice and adjusting voice speed.

When there are multiple audio and subtitle tracks showing, you only need to mute and hide the tracks in the timeline as needed. For example, after translation, the video will show bilingual subtitles. Hide the original subtitles and only show the translated ones.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - customize subtitle preset

2. Adjust Subtitle Presets

There are multiple subtitle presets for you to choose from. In Presets section, choose one subtitle style and it will be applied to all subtitles.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - customize subtitle preset

3. More Subtitle Settings

Under the 'Text' section, edit and customize subtitles by changing the font, size, color, and more.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - customize subtitle text

Under the 'Animation' section, add an In, Out or Loop animation to make your video subtitles more engaging and visually appealing.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - customize subtitle animation

Part 4. Export Subtitle Files

Click on the Export button here, the original and translated subtitles can be separately exported and saved to your computer in SRT, ASS, ATT and TXT formats.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle translator - save subtitle file

Part 5. Save the Video with Subtitles

Finally, when you are satisfied with the subtitle translation and adjustments, click on the 'Export' button at the top menu bar and choose your preferred export settings in the popup to save your video with both original and translated subtitles.

hitpaw edimakor auto subtitle - export the video with subtitle

Video Tutorial on AI Subtitle Translation

Watch the video below to learn how to translate a video to any language with HitPaw Eidmakor:

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